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try and make me

jilene is first flute! can you believe that? i wanna fucking kill her which makes me third and emily second. i dont mind sitting under emily because i know shes better then me but jilene? shes just a suck up. well anyway i presented today in ELA and i dont think i did that great but thats ok i dont really care. did you notice that the student teacher in SS smells really bad? ya ok well anyway ummmmmmmm i didnt talk to chris at all today and tht was awkward but i think i'm talking to him right now...i hope. and ya i think emily might modify my journal for me. thts exciting ya well i think im doing better. besides the fact that i'm freezing my arse off. ok well im odne becuz i must watch WILL AND GRACE!!!

you keep me sane...most of the time
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